My space to ogle sexy men. Huzzah for the Internet. You may join me at my window with a few ground rules:

1. If it's illegal for you to look at porn, if you don't like looking at porn, if you don't like gay porn, or any number of other things, don't be here. This site is meant for those 18 and up (sometimes 21 and up) who appreciate the male form in various poses, get-ups, states of (un)dress, and with other things in and around them, including (but not limited to) other men.

2. This Tumblr, if you haven't noticed, is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It is also not safe for anywhere looking at gay porn is inappropriate.

3. Most everything here will be a reblog because I am not producing porn/photos/etc. nor in possession of a vast private collection that I own the rights to. If you want something taken down, just ask.

4. I have broad tastes. From leather and bondage, twinks and bears, to underwear and threesomes and double penetration and... if your tastes are more narrowly defined or more vanilla, don't be too alarmed.

5. Feel free to ask me questions and interact. Otherwise I'll be bored when I'm not surfing for porn.

27th April 2013

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Fuck yeah! Gay East Asian videos, gay East Asian cream, and gay East Asian EVERYfuckingTHING!


Fuck yeah! Gay East Asian videos, gay East Asian cream, and gay East Asian EVERYfuckingTHING!

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